Which is the best football team kit from the Women’s World Cup 2019?

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At Pendle, we love everything about football. But there is one part of the game that we’re very passionate about. The kits. It’s no shock that we love talking football team kit designs. Since our new season shirt designs arrived, it’s all we can talk about.

So, when the official football team kit designs for this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup were announced earlier this year, we got very excited. Especially as this year marks the first time that some teams’ kits have been specifically designed to fit the female body. It shows a huge turnaround in women’s football and, hopefully, is the start of a better approach to the game in general.

We’ll see some absolutely amazing team kits throughout this year’s tournament but which is the best? Unfortunately, Japan and Cameroon are yet to confirm their kit but we’re going to take a look at the other 22 kits we’ll see in France next week.


England Women's Football Team Kit 2019


Let’s start with the most important, right. What are the England team going to be wearing? For the first time, the women have got their own bespoke football team kit. Under normal circumstances, the current home kit would be something to celebrate. It’s clean and simple but has enough detail to make it interesting. The only problem is, it’s competing with one of the greatest England women’s football team kit designs of all-time. This year’s away kit is a deep red featuring an all-over flower print. It’s elegant and really stands out. If this doesn’t make you feel all patriotic then I don’t know what will.

France Women's Football Team Kit


The host nation is known for its chic and elegant sense of style, so does their new team kit live up to these expectations? Their home kit is a simple navy shirt with rose gold logos. It’s simple but striking. The away kit is white with an all-over hexagon print in navy. It’s another simple but stunning design. France may not be taking too many risks in terms of style but keeping things basic is really working for them.

USA Women's Football Team Kit

United States

The current reigning champions are back to defend their title and it’s safe to say patriotism is the work of the day. The simple white home kit features red and blue cuffs and stars on the shorts. The back features a panel made up of the names of every state. It’s an understated design but it works well. The away kit is a far bolder red shirt and shorts with blue socks. An abstract American flag design dominates the shirt to create a stand-out design.

Argentina Women's Football Team Kit


The new home shirt for Argentina is a modern update of the country’s classic football team kit design. The white shirt features two sky blue stripes running down either side. It’s a classic and simple design. The away shirt is another 2018 copy but it’s a great design. Inspired by the iconic 1993 kit design. It’s a modern and striking shirt.

Australia Women's Football Team Kit


Already being championed as the greatest football team kit of the World Cup, Australia has been inspired by the country’s street art culture. It has something of a 90s vibe to it and the brush stroke design is a lot of fun. A stark contrast, perhaps, to the away kit. The combination of dark green with lime and yellow accents is great but there’s just not enough doing on here. It feels like all the effort went into the home kit and this was an afterthought.

Brazil Women's Football Team Kit


Brazil’s home kit is pretty standard fare. The classic canary yellow with green trim paired with blue shorts. It’s a classic and traditional combination but not very exciting. The away kit is slightly bolder thanks to its geometric print. The blue shirt works really well with the yellow accents. Again, it’s not one of the top football team kit designs here but it’s certainly stylish.

Canada Women's Football Kit


I have to say; Canada has left me feeling incredibly uninspired. There’s nothing wrong with a very simple and basic design. It can be timeless and bold. However, for their 2019, last year’s hosts have gone with a basic red and basic white kit. Nothing terrible but it feels like they should have been bolder.

Chile Women's Football Team Kit


Making their World Cup debut, Chile has gone with a simple home kit design. The bold colours are a plus but the design leaves a little to be desired. Their away shirt takes its inspiration from the country’s flag. The white jersey features red and blue stripes with blue accents. It’s a bold effort for their first time and showcases their pride pretty well.

China Women's Football Team Kit

China PR

The home kit is a traditional red with yellow accents. It’s not a bad design but it’s not an inventive one either. It’s very similar to the men’s football team kit worn in last year’s Asian Cup. Thankfully, the kit they’ll be showcasing in France is much more of a standout. The grey shirt is accented with orange and features an all-over Phoenix print. Meant to convey femininity and virtue, this design is absolutely stunning.

Germany Women's Football Team Kit


For their home kit, Germany has drawn inspiration from its iconic 1989 women’s shirt design. I really like this design. It’s simple, patriotic, and retro. It’s not as bold as some of the other shirts but it really works. Shame that I can’t say the same thing about their away kit. The shirt is a deep red featuring white trim. It just doesn’t feel as refined or stylish as the home shirt. It feels like more work could have gone into it.

Italy Women's Football Team Kit


Italy’s 2018 kits are exactly the kind of thing we’d expect from them. The home kit is the classic blue featuring a bit of detailing on the sleeves. It’s a simple design but it won’t get your excited to see it. Equally, the away team is the same design with the colours inverted. This time a white shirt with blue details. A classic kit, there’s no denying, but they can’t compete with some of the others on display.

Jamaica Women's Football Team Kit


The home team kits are pretty standard yellow and green designs but I do like the flag detailing up the sleeves. It’s a very similar look to Brazil but with slightly more detail. Thankfully, the away kit is a stand-out. It’s the same shirt as worn by the men’s team but, with a design like this, it doesn’t matter. The bold yellow and green tribal pattern really works on the black shirt. Brimming with national pride, this football team kit is definitely eye-catching.

The Netherlands Women's Football Team Kit

The Netherlands

The Netherlands describes the pattern on their home shirt as featuring “Swooshes”. Personally, I’m a fan of the bold orange design. It’s pretty subtle but it is very obviously the Netherlands. The contrasting turquoise of their away kit is equally as bold with is graphic print. I would argue it doesn’t work as well as the orange shirt but it’s very inoffensive. Maybe don’t stare it for too long just to be on the safe side though.

 New Zealand Women's Football Team Kit

New Zealand

Likewise, New Zealand’s home kit is a kind of underwhelmingly simple design. The white shirt features black trim and ferns on the sleeves. It’s very… white. So white, in fact, that you can barely see the sleeve design. The fern design is better incorporated into the away shirt. With just a simple colour switch, the repeated pattern becomes quite striking. It’s an example of a simple but effective design. And who doesn’t love a sleek black and white combination?


Nigeria Women's Football Team Kit


For the 2019 women’s team, Nigeria is the same design as the 2018 men’s World Cup kit. The striking green, white and black design is bold and memorable so it’s easy to see why they’ve not mixed things up. Unfortunately, the amazing home kit just makes the away kit seem more disappointing. The super simple dark green design just feels uninspired.

Norway Women's Football Team Kit


The home kit features a gradient design that, according to the team, draws inspiration from Norwegian ski jumpers. Whilst I can’t confirm the accuracy, the pattern is striking but seems less adventurous than other teams. Although, it is an absolute winner compared to the away team. The mostly white top features navy and red stripes across the chest. It’s not bad but it’s not exactly a stand-out.

Scotland Women's Football Team Kit


When it comes to Scotland you think Navy and that’s fine. Their home shirt is very traditional and simple. It’s not the boldest but it works. The team have seen a bit of a reworking of their pink away kit. The textured design is simple but bold. Any fans of Manchester United’s pink away shirt is bound to be a fan of this timeless classic.

South Africa Women's Football Team Kit

South Africa

The women’s home kit is the same as the men’s shirt. The striped green graphic sits on the bright yellow shirt. It’s a bold design but not one of the best in the competition. The away kit is also the same as the one the men were sporting in 2018 but it’s an incredibly eye-catching design. The vibrant green stripes are timeless and bold. There’s been less risk taken here but the design works well.

South Korea Women's Football Team Kit

South Korea

South Korea describes their home kit as a “classic red design with blue shorts and red socks” and that’s exactly what it is. The colours may be bold but there’s not really a lot to write home about here. Thankfully, the away kit has a bit more excitement to offer thanks to a subtle homage to tiger stripes. The red and blue graphic runs down one side and adds some much-needed interest.

Spain Women's Football Team Kit


The retro trend continues here with Spain drawing inspiration for their 2018 kit from the 1994 men’s World Cup shirt. Whilst the shirt is not quite as bold the 1990s version but it’s still a fantastic design. Described as a “Glitch interpretation”, this is a modern and sleek design. The away kit is the less bold but still “Glitch” inspired white shirt with black detailing.


Sweden Women's Football Team Kit


Sweden’s home kit includes a bold yellow shirt with a pattern of horizontal lines. It is supposed to create an optical effect. However, the biggest talking point of their kit can be found on the back. The numbers on the shirts are made up of player’s faces and the faces of chosen female role models. It’s a bold message that brings something extra to this kit. In contrast, Sweden has gone very basic on their away kit. Their blue shirt comes with yellow detailing. It’s not the most exciting of football team kit designs but it does the job.

Thailand Women's Football Team Kit


Thailand is being sponsored by athletic company Warrix for this year’s World Cup. Their home short it a simple navy design with red detailing. The away kit features a red striped shirt and black collar detailing. Neither designs are very outstanding but are simple and classic in their own way.


So, which is your favourite?

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