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Today's teaser is a bit nutty - who is this former #EPL gloveman? KERNEL MET PEACAN
Jordan Henderson is set to sign a five-year deal with #LFC today. Happy, Liverpool fans? http://t.co/TM0xBGfrH8
Bayern take on Porto tonight hoping to avenge their 3-1 loss in the first leg. Can they do it? RT - YES FAV - NO http://t.co/xdyhOUvWG2
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So Jurgen Klopp has ruled out #WHUFC as his next destination.. http://t.co/aI8Lu5JEwC
Morning all! Have a great Tuesday #TeamPendle
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Harry Kane has scored as many league goals Sergio Aguero this season. #THFC http://t.co/20lWZ6pHPq
Goal of the season in Wales? https://t.co/X4yuIqYox8
Well done to those that knew that BLEMISHED CIGAR is an anagram of former #LUFC forward MICHAEL BRIDGES! http://t.co/1nYe2FVBwj
Adam Federici's fumble cost Reading a place in the #FACup final. Tag a mate who's made a similar blunder! http://t.co/OVsxqft8oW
What do #LFC fans make of the link with Radamel Falcao? Would you be happy to take the gamble? http://t.co/1vBIXeAyYE
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Play in stripes? Our #Milano range starts from just £11.99 per shirt. Discover more; http://t.co/TX1ooYBpC7 http://t.co/DGAyxBHRxm
It's time for Monday's anagram teaser. Who is this former #MUFC front man? BLEMISHED CIGAR
#ThugLife https://t.co/WE9VlrWhZ2
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